Alexander Kucera

Digital Artist and VFX Producer

Digital Artist


My broad experience as digital artist for 2D and 3D projects pays off for you. I have worked as compositor, 3D generalist and VFX supervisor on feature films, commercials and music videos. This skill-set allows me to handle complete projects as one-man show, to work in teams for bigger projects or to guide your people through VFX productions.

3D Shading & Rendering

In addition, my knowledge as VFX producer and coordinator enables me to work smarter and more efficiently as an artist, since I have a deep understanding of the technical as well as the management side of a project. This means a better ROI for you and your customers and less headaches during production.

VFX Coordination and Producing

Project Management

VFX producing is an essential part of the visual effects production pipeline. Without a proper plan, a project is bound to go over budget or might never get finished at all.
My job as independent VFX producer and digital artist is to help you keep a proper perspective during the planning and execution of a visual effects movie production.

I have great knowledge of pretty much all parts of a visual effects production. I have experience as an artist and am working as a compositor, 3D generalist and VFX supervisor.

That experience pays off when working with the different departments. I am able to judge the complexity of shots and am able to plan a budget accordingly. And during production, I will look out, that the artists work within the budget, while maintaining the desired quality level.

For hire

You are able to hire me as compositor, Lighting TD and 3D generalist, VFX supervisor, producer or coordinator. Just read a bit more about me and my vitae and if you decide, that I am your man, feel free to contact me and we can work out a deal that works for both of us. Verification