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Digital Artist and VFX Producer

This is a collection of pages and websites I participate in and where you might want to follow me or interact with me.

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Social Networks

I am part of many a social network.
Feel free to add me as your friend or join me or whatever it is that you do on a specific network.

To get an overview of all my networks, just use FriendFeed, which links to most of them. Alternatively you may visit me directly on one of those sites via one of the links below:

Social Network Policy

Everyone uses Social Networks their own way. For me it is a great way to connect with many of you. In order for you to know what to expect, what I am posting about and whom I’ll follow, I put my own little “Guide to Befriending” together. Most of the terminology is based on Twitter, but in essence this is valid for all of those different networks.


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. If you tell me something that is not meant for the public it will stay where it belongs.

Subject of postings

I post about what I am passionate about. I am passionate about a wide variety of things stretching from visual effects and Internet trends to sports & politics. I am not posting about every leaf falling off the trees in my yard. You can learn more about my personal interests at my personal homepage or the company's homepage.

I am not using 5 different accounts to serve 5 different purposes. Sometimes my postings might seem rather irrelevant to you. Just wait for the next one. ;-)


I am trying to limit the number of postings per day to 10-15 max. If we get engaged into a longer conversation I will resort to DM, email, phone or Skype.

Me following you

If I follow you then I checked out your postings on Twitter or other social networks and probably your website. There could me many reasons I am following you. Most of the time your are in a field of interest to me and your posts are relevant to that field.

There is a catch though: If I follow you and you don’t follow me back, you have a higher chance of being removed from my follows list when I clean up once in a while. I will usually wait at least 48 hours until I decide to unfollow you again. Of course, you can still follow me at a later time and I might well follow you back.

This is mostly because I like to use DM when I see or notice something that is not meant for the public but just for you. Seeing that window saying I can’t DM you, because you are not following me, is annoying.

There is one exception from this rule: If you are a very unique thinker, that I consider totally essential, you are fairly safe on my follows list. That is your call.

You following me

I check out my new follows quite often. If you are of interest to me, you’ll most probably get a follow back. "Of interest to me" is at the moment defined as VFX person or somehow related to the animation and 3D industry. Of course, I am open to everyone else that is an interesting personality.

I look at the relevance, the quality and quantity of your tweets or posts. I’ll also look at your profile and your website, if you have one posted there. I do block spammers and wish I could remove them from my list of followers to keep things clean.

Also I am not very fond of the typical social guru or networking entrepreneur. These are 99% of the time just buzzword descriptions used by people who post to many uninteresting links.

Monitoring the Network

Even though I follow many networks on my computer do not expect me on 24/7. There are other things to do in life. I read all my DM’s and if yours is personal, you’ll most probably get a reply. If you send me a reply to @AlexK I’ll read it for sure. In many cases I will reply.

Protected Postings and empty profile descriptions.

I don’t like that feature too much. It is like a Twitter within Twitter to me. I won’t knock at your door. You’ll have to follow me first. Except of course, I am really interested in your posts.

Same goes for empty profile descriptions. If you don't tell me who you are, then don't expect me to follow you.

Uncopyright - You can copy this!

Many people like my Twitter policy. Please feel free to take what you like and leave the rest. A link back to my blog would be appreciated but is not a requirement.

So if you either like this blog, are interested in visual effects, think my tweets are down your alley or you look at my homepage and see a like minded person, it would be nice if we hook up on Twitter. It is also TOTALLY ok to respectfully decline.

Quality should come before quantity. Both ways. Makes sense?

Since Twitter changes my policy will be subject to change as well…

Last updated: 07/12/13
(This social networking policy is inspired by a post from