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Alexander Kucera

Hello everyone. My name is Alexander Kucera and this is my home on the Internet.

I am an award-winning 2D/3D generalist and The Foundry certified Nuke trainer. Furthermore, I used to most often be seen staring at Nuke nodes, shader setups, modo and Maya rigs and swearing about my own Python scripts.

These days I am mostly home-bound due to health reasons, so my focus is mostly on tending to my family as the resident cook and doing the occasional remote work for film and TV projects.

I would describe myself less as a creator and more as a solver. Blank pages scare me, and so I quickly try to fill them with nonsense like this. I have found that when you fill enough pages with enough nonsense, you occasionally get a whole sentence that is actually legible. So stick with me. It may take some time.

I am also constantly searching for ways to extend my hammock time. Nothing beats hammock time.

You can find my work history on IMDB or LinkedIn and I do have a rather old showreel on Vimeo.

Feel free to get in touch via email or here on