Tonight we are having session two of our DnD group. I’m hoping it goes better for the party then last session (where we had a TPK). Either way, they are all pumped and are having fun regardless. As will I.

My blood pressure is acting up again. Around noon it goes into free fall for a couple of hours rendering me pretty much useless. Will need to adjust my medication and hope that fixes it.

The progression of my son as he paints minis is obvious. (Owlbear at age six. Tiefling at age eleven.) However, the difference between him and his sister is astounding. She is four years behind him, but already paints as good as he does at age eleven. (Her‘s is the Druid.)

Druid painted by my seven years old daughter. Druid painted by my seven years old daughter. Tiefling painted by my eleven years old son. Tiefling painted by my eleven years old son. Owlbear painted by my six years old son.

Out and about eating ice cream.

Home again! Super happy to see my wife and kids again.

Good morning on day four of my hospital stay. This night was a night of horrors. A big thunderstorm with lots of lightning paired with several people screaming in pain through the night.

Day three at the hospital. I hope I’ll be able toe toTor to leave tomorrow.

Day two at the hospital. Cabin fever already setting in. I hate staying at hospitals.

At the hospital. This time it’s me and I’m staying for a while. I have an inflamed abscess probably from an insect bite. That sucker grew larger over the last seven days and since yesterday I also have a fever. So now I’m on antibiotics and hospital surveillance for the next several days.

Foundry VTT self-hosting or using The Forge

My Foundry VTT journey continues. Last Tuesday we had our first session of Lost Mines of Phandelver and I promptly kill our party. It was a bit unbalanced due to only two of four players showing up and them insisting to pretend like the other party members didn’t exist.

But we all still had fun and they instantly proceeded to create new characters.

Also, I’m slowly—or actually rather fast—running out of server space with all the extra modules I’m installing. Uberspace by default gives you 10GB of disk space, most of which is taken up by my wife’s email account. She’s not great at inbox zero…

Anyway, you can book an extra 10GB for €3 a month, which I did. But now I’m also running close to that limit thanks to some modules that require several GB of space. And now I’m pondering where it is worth the extra €6 a month to self-host and the flexibility that brings or if I should buy access to The Forge for about €4,50 a month and safe myself the headache.

Why do printers still suck so much in 2024‽ Wireless printing should not be such an issue still.

Session One of our Lost Mines of Phandelver DnD campaign starts tonight. I’m very excited.

Oh my god! I Just opened Skype after a year so of not using it. What the hell did they do to this app? I am bombarded with news streams and lots of stuff I don‘t need in a chat app.

2:30pm be there.

Lots of tasty cakes and pies today at the 1250 years anniversary.

Man. It’s freezing today. Bloody weather doesn’t know what it wants. 31°C yesterday and icy wind and rain today.

Church today and then another afternoon of 1250 years anniversary celebrations. I’m not particularly religious myself, but it’s a small village. Gotta have your Sunday church.

So far so good. Only a few drops of rain.

It looks me like people aren’t bothered by the approaching weather.

So there is a strong thunderstorm warning for tonight at 6pm, exactly when tonight’s festivities are supposed to start. Let’s see how that goes…

Transcript of the 2024 US Presidential Debate

Geinsheim’s 1250 years anniversary starts tonight at 6pm. Be there!

Love me some AI Generators for Foundry VTT

I am having way too much fun building out my Foundry VTT world with AI tools. Lots of Theatre of the Mind images with the help of MidJourney, ElevenLabs voices provide narration, and now I have a singing bard thanks to suno.

I cannot wait for my players to experience it all.

Heute Mittag gibt’s Melonensalat

Just a quick service announcement. I am still in love with Uberspace. Their service rocks!

Proudly hosten on Uberspace Asteroids!