Sigh. Why do jobs always come in twos? I accepted a job yesterday. And today a second job comes a-knocking.

A really stubborn bug

This year’s winter was really tough in our area. There is some bug going around our social circle that just won’t go away. Pretty much everyone is constantly sick and coughing. And once one gets better, another one starts coughing. I really do hope now that it is getting warm outside, things will start to get better.

I’m making ragu a la bolognese right now for tomorrow’s lasagna. The smell in the kitchen is mouthwatering right now.

What’s for dinner? For us it’s steak with buttered veggies and rice. 🍚🥩🥕

(Image courtesy of MidJourney)

I sometimes forget I am talking into a void here.

Happy April‘s Fools! I didn‘t see any joke news so far. Maybe I was blind. What were your favorite April‘s fools jokes so far?

Happy Easter folks! 🥚🐰

Pizza tonight! The kids are starved from being in the great outdoors for two days learning to make campfires and all that encompasses including fire safety. 🍕🔥

Curious. I just updated iOS to 17.4 and am in the EU. Yet, I didn’t get any default browser prompt. Is that only the case when you have several browsers installed?

Just saw Dune - Part 2. Wow. The imagery was fantastic. Well told as well. Had me in tears at the end.

We did the Dracula escape room at Escape Rooms Mannheim today. It was great fun and we did beat it with 17 seconds to spare.

Oh jolly! The kids lost my Switch.

Currently reading: Dracula by Bram Stoker 📚 I found a really nice edition in the bookstore the other day. Every few pages there are inserts like letters, postcards, foldable maps or recipes.

Getting a iron infusion. Nothing like a little pickmeup on a Monday morning.

The organ tour was fun. Really interesting to see and actually step behind the pipes.

These are wooden rods that connect the organs keys to the pipes a few meters further up.

Tons of pipes.

One level down.

Behind the pipes.

At the top.

I suspect we are going up there later.

We are visiting a church this morning to get a tour of a disassembled pipe organ. Should be interesting.

Marvel’s Echo

Just finished watching Marvel’s Echo. It was underwhelming. There was a good underlying idea in there somewhere. I think. But by the final episode I still had no idea what it was supposed to be about. No clue about the main characters goals. But I love seeing Wilson Fisk portrayed by Vincent D’Onofrio. I guess that is worth something. Overall though. Sadly one big “meh”.