Feuerwehr Fest Geinsheim 2024 #dorfkultur

Spielplatz-Fest in Geinsheim

In town, sitting in the shade enjoying the rather quiet street while sipping my peppermint tea.

Foundry VTT Update

Almost done converting the “The Lost Mine of Phandelver” campaign into a Foundry VTT Game World. ✔️ Maps loaded in. ✔️ Walls and doors drawn ✔️ Enemies and other NPCs placed on map (shoutout to AI Monster Importer) ✔️ Imported the whole campaign text into Journals ✔️ Convert all “read to the group” text into audio narration with the help of ElevenLabs’ voice “John Doe - Intimate

Still to be done:

  • Getting familiar with a few add-modules to make playtime smoother
  • Search out appropriate music and ambience sounds

Wow. ICQ was still around?? ICQ is shutting down

Foundry VTT and AI Voices via ElevenLabs

I recently discovered Foundry VTT as a way to play role playing games with my friends from all over there the world.

I have spent a few days transferring a D&D campaign to digital format and it is coming together just greatly. Great maps with flickering lights, atmospheric background music.

And I even found a way to have all the story hooks being read by a great AI narrator via ElevenLabs. They have a great Michael Kramer like voice (John Doe - Intimate) and I was able to get the whole campaign vocalized for just €5.

Switching hosting from MidPhase to Uberspace

So, after another round of failed communications with my current web host MidPhase—I have been waiting for over a week to hear back from support—I have decided to move hosts.

I am now with Uberspace.

They had me interested for a long time now and I finally took the plunge and am loving it. Their business model is quite unique in that it is “pay what you want”. No strings attached. Same service for everyone. If you see the value and can afford it, you pay more. If not less. Down to €1/month.

Their interface is mostly SSH shell based, so one better be somewhat Terminal skilled.

Ha ha. Not touching the snake was not an option in the end. Both girls conquered their fear. And it seems both were proud of it.

Sadly the girls were too scared to touch a snake. :)

At the Landau Reptile Zoo with Willow and her friend. It’s nice and warm in here and lots of little critters to learn about.

The village is coming together for some vineyard singing.

#kindeyforum is over. Some interesting talks and some new acquaintances later we are heading home.

Today’s schedule. #kidneyforum

Pretty full. #kidneyforum

In Heidelberg beim Nierentransplantations-Forum. Es ist ganz gut besucht.

Getting into rowing. Dark Horse Rowing has a great intro series on YouTube. → Rowing Fundamentals

Instead of striking back at Iran, Israel could should actual strength by showing restraint.

Sigh. Why do jobs always come in twos? I accepted a job yesterday. And today a second job comes a-knocking.

A really stubborn bug

This year’s winter was really tough in our area. There is some bug going around our social circle that just won’t go away. Pretty much everyone is constantly sick and coughing. And once one gets better, another one starts coughing. I really do hope now that it is getting warm outside, things will start to get better.

I’m making ragu a la bolognese right now for tomorrow’s lasagna. The smell in the kitchen is mouthwatering right now.

What’s for dinner? For us it’s steak with buttered veggies and rice. 🍚🥩🥕

(Image courtesy of MidJourney)

I sometimes forget I am talking into a void here.

Happy April‘s Fools! I didn‘t see any joke news so far. Maybe I was blind. What were your favorite April‘s fools jokes so far?

Happy Easter folks! 🥚🐰

Pizza tonight! The kids are starved from being in the great outdoors for two days learning to make campfires and all that encompasses including fire safety. 🍕🔥