@jsnell sad times. I have been using Castro since the beginning. Although I have to admit I haven‘t used it in months. No time for podcasts these days. If it really does die, I‘d be switching to Overcast I think.

@glennf I’m very happy to hear that. Having fun and early success is a great motivation booster. Enjoy your piano man.

@glennf for getting into it Simply Piano is quite nice. I would recommend playing from sheet music as well (something like MuseScore if you are into digital sheets). I say this because you can hear a Simply Piano player. They tend to lack a feeling for timing and they tend to „hack“ the keys, since Simply Piano is more like Guitar Hero then actually playing the piano. That being said, to get into it I can highly recommend it.

@vincent ha! Touché! 😁

@vincent now it worked! Thanks for the quick response. (Also not too big, obviously.)

@vincent cheers!

@vincent I tried to upload an avatar just now and it failed. Sadly.

@danielpunkass what’s a speed cube? Does it have especially smooth bearings?

@rickcogley the biggest gut punch of my life was when one of our ferrets died in my arms of a heart attack. Totally out of the blue the little guy started twitching and cramping and then died. It wrecked me for weeks. 😭

@rickcogley I‘m happy to hear he is doing better. Nothing gets that adrenaline up like suffering kids or pets. 🙂

@manton I‘m very much looking forward to it. 😁

@danielpunkass while sleeping‽ That sounds painful. I hope they find a fix for you.

@DaveyCraney @crossingthethreshold @Annie @rickcogley cheers guys. It did quite a number on me and my wife. Especially because a girl was literally just kidnapped by a known sex offender on her way from school not two weeks ago a few villages over. So that played in our minds while we were searching for him. We are very glad that it all went well in the end.

@rickcogley thanks. I appreciate it.

@caseyliss ha! There you go. If you need a list of other things you already did let me know, alright? 😂

@caseyliss great work on the Callsheet app! There is one thing that keeps pulling me back to the IMDB app though. Per Episode trivia. I can‘t seem to find a way to get there from Callsheet. (And I know this is a though one), but scraping Trivia and presenting it in the app would be super sweet. Loading the IMDB site is just super slow and sluggish. Using the IMDB app is super snappy by comparison.

@jean I know. I ping ponged before. Back when I was a Kickstarter backer I went all in and then switched to my own blog again. Now I’m back on Micro.blog. And I’m already dabbling with a new self publishing workflow. Not that I post that much. I spend more time fiddling with tools then actually use them. Same with writing and writing apps. 😂

@jean happy anniversary to your parents and by extension you. They seem really happy on that photo. I hope they had a fulfilling marriage.

@heyloura Very nice looking veggies you got there. We grow tomoatoes ourselves and I get my cucumbers, zucchini and aubergines from my mother in law. Locally grown produce is the best.

@manton I am still struggling wit my imports unfortunately. I managed to import my short posts, but my longer articles throw an invalid date again. The only difference I can discern is the added title in the frontmatter. Could you have another look please? Zip file was sent to help@micro.blog on 11. August.

@manton I am still having issues with importing. I managed to import all my microblogs, but now I am struggling with getting my articles imported. It again complains about an invalid date, but to me the articles are formatted exactly the same as my microblogs with the exception of an added title field. I send over a test zip for you to look at if you find the time.

@manton found it! thanks.

@manton @help is there a way to make the archive show imported posts? It seems to only show posts I made via the site or the apps.

@manton @help is there a way to batch delete posts? I filled up my Testblog while fiddling with imports and now I‘d like to wipe the slate clean for another batch of imports to test with. Alternatively, I‘d like to delete the Testblog and create an empty one.

@manton 👍🏻