@z428 @odd @jsonbecker haha! Thanks fellas for taking an interest. 😃

@jsonbecker I feel like I need to respond with a profound reply but am coming up short. 😂

@manton sounds to me like he is talking about himself there. ;)

@kulturnation ich bin da ganz bei Dir. 😀 Es ist so ein wenig ein Henne/Ei Problem. Deutsch posten rentiert sich nur wenn es auch jemand liest.

@kulturnation ich bin Deutscher, aber poste meistens auf Englisch, da meine meisten Kontakte kein Deutsch sprechen. 🇩🇪

@vincentritter oh I don’t feel the need to read everything on my timeline, but not being in sync between platforms is jarring to me.

@vincentritter really? I very much miss this feature with Micro.blog. Not being in sync is really annoying when jumping between iOS, iPadOS and Mac.

@help I just edited some old posts of mine and now the timeline shows me that I have 2 versions (in one case even 3 versions) of that post. Is that something I can edit? Will it sort itself out?

@manton I just looked it up. It is from 15. August 2023. So it‘s been a while. 😉

@manton as you can see by my response time, it is not urgent. 😂

@manton very generous way to do pricing. Thanks for taking care of the community.

@manton very generous way to do pricing. Thanks for taking care of the community.

@jsnell sad times. I have been using Castro since the beginning. Although I have to admit I haven‘t used it in months. No time for podcasts these days. If it really does die, I‘d be switching to Overcast I think.

@glennf I’m very happy to hear that. Having fun and early success is a great motivation booster. Enjoy your piano man.

@glennf for getting into it Simply Piano is quite nice. I would recommend playing from sheet music as well (something like MuseScore if you are into digital sheets). I say this because you can hear a Simply Piano player. They tend to lack a feeling for timing and they tend to „hack“ the keys, since Simply Piano is more like Guitar Hero then actually playing the piano. That being said, to get into it I can highly recommend it.

@vincent ha! Touché! 😁

@vincent now it worked! Thanks for the quick response. (Also not too big, obviously.)

@vincent cheers!

@vincent I tried to upload an avatar just now and it failed. Sadly.

@danielpunkass what’s a speed cube? Does it have especially smooth bearings?

@rickcogley the biggest gut punch of my life was when one of our ferrets died in my arms of a heart attack. Totally out of the blue the little guy started twitching and cramping and then died. It wrecked me for weeks. 😭

@rickcogley I‘m happy to hear he is doing better. Nothing gets that adrenaline up like suffering kids or pets. 🙂

@manton I‘m very much looking forward to it. 😁

@danielpunkass while sleeping‽ That sounds painful. I hope they find a fix for you.

@DaveyCraney @crossingthethreshold @Annie @rickcogley cheers guys. It did quite a number on me and my wife. Especially because a girl was literally just kidnapped by a known sex offender on her way from school not two weeks ago a few villages over. So that played in our minds while we were searching for him. We are very glad that it all went well in the end.