By the way, a friend and I have started a monthly 30 minute talk podcast. It’s on right now, but I am thinking of hosting it on 🎙️

It is called Sprachmixing.

5 - Prepping the vrscene GUI Intro Video

Recording while waiting for 3D scenes to load. Creating an intro video for an application is so not my thing…

Duration: 3:00

4 - FMX Closing Thoughts

Taking a look back at last week.

Duration: 3:25

FMX Day 3

Looking back at day 2 of FMX 2018.

Duration: 2:56

Episode 2 - FMX Day 1

Quick recap of the first day of FMX and outlook of the second day.

Duration: 4:33


Episode 1

Welcome to my little podcasting experiment. Let’s see how this goes…

Duration: 0:30