LOL. I just realized that Tweetmarker was your project @manton. Ever heard of it? 😂

@manton search works now. maybe it was a caching issue?

@manton forget it. I had my test-blog selected and didn‘t notice. Happened to me a couple of times already.

@manton the iOS app just ate my post while publishing. It „published“ without error, but now my post doesn‘t show up.

@manton while I have your attention. I tried to install your search plugin and it creates an extra search page. however, search itself does nothing. also no errors or anything in the log. ideas?

@manton perfect. added to currently reading. currently reading about Webmentions in chapter 3. 📚😃

@manton I have updated my test file to your specs and now import is working flawlessly. I guess I need to rewire my Markdown files now. I wish I hadn‘t let my scripting skills lapse. A bit of Python text conversion would have come in handy right now. :)

@manton thanks for getting back to me and sorry for pestering you. I wasn’t quite sure saw my posts. :)

@manton did you get a chance to look at the zip file?

morning @manton did you get a chance to look at my files?

@manton sure thing. It‘s on its way.

@manton sadly it doesn‘t seem to work. I tried Date: „2018-04-23 08:00:00“ as well as just „Date: 2018-04-23“. Both give me invalid date errors.

@manton I get an invalid date on import. what date string formatting is it looking for? my dates tend to look like this „Time: 2017-09-10-23-09-12“, „Date: 2018-04-23 08:00:00“

@manton cheers! Will give your suggestions a try.

@manton I tried to import some markdown files from my blog, but no posts appear. is there any kind of feedback or status I can check for error messages?

@fabio if you are able to self-limit that’s awesome. Much easier for (some) adults. But with our kids I find that they just aren’t able to self-regulate. If they could watch TV all day (or play Switch), they would. They do need “boring times” so their brains are able to switch from consuming to creating.

@jean @fabio we introduced the concept of media fasting in our family. We take about a week of hands off time. No phones, no pads, no TV, no Alexa, no consoles, etc. The first two days are rough, but by the middle of the week the kids purposefully sit down to read books or paint. For hours! Plus board games are suddenly played again. It’s quite a thing to behold.

@manton I’ll give it a try tomorrow. Does the importer create a separate category or feed (like the Twitter import)? Would be nice to have some sort of filtered access to the imports if only to delete them in case the import screws something up.

@manton is there any info on the Markdown importer? I’d like to bring in posts from my Kirby blog as well as the microblog posts I made on my Kirby site. both are now defunct. I see there is a Markdown import, but in your book you also mention a script for Markdown importing ( Whats the difference if any?

Cheers @jean ! Don‘t expect too much. The first episode is overly long and lots of rambling. We aim to be more concise in the future. :)

@thedimpause I am a big fan of the no knead method. Just stretch and fold the dough a couple of times in the first 1-2 hours after mixing the ingredients. It’s very low effort for great results.

@thedimpause I vote for manual. It’s really not much work and you are much more flexible with the results.

@manton we recently bought an "online mattress" as well. But I'd encourage you to browse the offerings. at least in Germany Casper isn't the only option. We decided on something called BodyGuard which is super comfy at less the half the price of a Casper.

@aaronpk what the heck is an #instantpot??

@jd I have two feeds on my site, yes. One main blog feed and one Microblog feed.