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Episode 5 - Prepping the vrscene GUI Intro Video

Hi, everybody.

So I’m sitting in the office, prepping recording for my introductory video for vrcngui, the V-Way render utility I’m about to release.

And I’m mostly, let’s see, yeah, working in Modo right now, trying to figure out from old backups which scenes are best suited for this type of video.

I need something that’s heavy and takes a long time to open and just generally a long time to export just to really show the point of the app.

So I’m just opening huge scenes, waiting for them to open, staring at loading screens.

Meanwhile, I’m hoping to have Lauren Thomas do the voiceover for me.

She’s graciously offered that and I’m very excited to hear what she’s doing with that.

Her Pixel Fondue tutorial videos are always quite peppy and I like her style.

So yes, I’m looking forward to hearing that.

Apart from that, the app’s finished, the website’s finished, documentation is pretty much finished.

Yeah, the only thing missing is really the video and contacting some websites for promotions and press releases and stuff like that.

So I’m hoping to get that out next week.

I’ve been saying that for the past several weeks, but still the hope’s there.

So yeah, let’s see.

Okay, I know I’ve been not really regular with these recordings, but that’s mostly because I just don’t want to waste anybody’s time just blabbering into the mic just to have blabbered into the mic.

My life isn’t that exciting that I have to record everything once a week or something like that.

That seems wasteful.

So I’m reserving these two times when I actually have something to say.

All right, hear you soon, I guess, or whatever the appropriate goodbye is in audio form.