Really undecided on how to proceed. On one hand simply using for blogging is easy and simple. On the other using my own blog setup scratches my nerd itch and saves me $5 a month.

I‘d like to consider myself a writer, yet have not really written anything in years. I‘d like to consider myself a coder, yet haven‘t coded anything in years. What am I these days? 🧐

I finally managed to get up and running again. I replaced the old Kirby CMS site with a simple HTML based version. My Kirby version was too old to run under modern PHP and upgrading Kirby to a more recent version did my head in. So no more Kirby and all HTML. At least I can edit that directly if I need to.

So let me get this straight, @sunlit is a photo sharing app that does not allow me to take photos? That seems rather limiting, doesn‘t it? 📷

Small town politicians are the worst. Listening to one discuss with my wife right now. The level of hubris and „you have no idea what you are talking about“ is astounding.

Drawing box at our local IKEA. 🎨

I remember Twitter clients having some sort of timeline sync. Was it called Tweetmarker? I wonder if supports something similar @manton? Currently I am scrolling past read posts on different apps and different devices each time I am checking my timeline.

Reading about Webmentions reminds me why I never really liked all that „new web stuff“ for my own sites. It is the same issue I have with GUI programs I have written in the past. Knowing what goes on behind the curtain makes it all feel extremely fragile to me. 👨‍💻📝📚

It should be noted that one cannot add @manton‘s book about to the reading list. Boo! 📚

Just in case anyone is in the area. We are hosting a children’s flea market during this year’s Goisemer Kerwe.

Eggplant, tomatoes, Swiss chard, minced meat and puff pastry. What could go wrong? 🍆🍅🥬🔪🥩🥐🤤

This week‘s swimming lessons for the little one have been postponed by a week. It is just too cold outside. In the middle of August. Crazy weather. ⛈️🏊

I am amazed that a tool ( I last updated 6 years ago and haven‘t thought of since still sells the occasional copy. Warms my heart that it is still in use and actually works. #vray #rendering

Our big one has left for summer camp. His first time camping without us. We are pretty excited for him. He wasn‘t so sure what to make of it this morning before he left. Let‘s see how he takes to it.🏕

Everything is set up for tonight’s pizza night. 🍕

I recently stumbled over my pins again. Is there a way to display them on my about page I wonder?

Watching Pirates of the Caribbean with the kids (again). It is really amazing how it turned out, considering how the original script had almost no jokes and a very bland Captain Jack Sparrow. Johnny Depp really did something wonderful here. 📽

We had a family trip to the library today. They have a two months reading campaign for school kids with prizes at the end. The older one really wants to win his own Nintendo Switch. 😂 📚

While nature gets some much needed rain, my body definitely preferred the hot dry spell we had. With this wet cold all my joints, muscles and ligaments are aching. Not a fan.

I just reset my ActivityPub username to use my custom domain. It is now Slowly getting there. Step by step. 👨‍💻

I wonder where the boardgame tagmoji is @manton. 🎲

By the way, a friend and I have started a monthly 30 minute talk podcast. It’s on right now, but I am thinking of hosting it on 🎙️

It is called Sprachmixing.

Getting an iron infusion today. Ah, the joys of failed kidneys. 🩸💉

Looks like I have ironed out most of the kinks. Theme works. Custom homepage works. Custom domain works.

Currently reading: Mythos: The Greek Myths Retold by Stephen Fry 📚

It has an interesting way to tell the stories. So far I like it.