I finally managed to import all my old long form articles to Micro.blog. Had to do a bit of manual adjustments of my Kirby export to get it to work, but overall it went rather smoothly (after @manton pointed me in the right direction).

Eschenfelder Grain Press

Baking bread again today. We got a grain press (as opposed to a grain mill) in January and I have incorporated pressed whole grains in my pizza and bread doughs since then. They add some great nutty flavors to the dough. Highly recommended.

Eschendfelder Grain Press

BTW. @manton how is your support email queue looking? I vaguely remember writing your around end of 2023 about importing my Kirby posts and some error it throws. I haven‘t heard anything so far.

Today I learned about the Republic of Molossia and have become a fan. I mean, what’s not to like? A toy train as the national railroad? A space program complete with toy rocket launch? Brilliant!

At an indoor playground for our little ones birthday party. 4 hours and I will leave a deaf man. 🧏‍♂️

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you and your loved ones have a relaxing couple of days with nice company and great food. 🎄🎅

Sitting in the car, waiting to pick up my son from school, blasting Tubthumbing at full volume. Good times. 🎵

Apple Again Hikes Prices for Its Media Services

Not sure how I feel about this yet myself. Budget is getting stretched a bit thin.

We went to Kletterwald Speyer yesterday and today I am sore and bruised as hell. So a couch day full of pain it is.

One thing I always wondered about game development: in order to make the game (and test the game) wouldn‘t the game developer need to be the best player for the game as well? I mean, how do you make a super hard game without being able to play through and best the most difficult parts? Or come up with the hardest puzzles? Meaning game developers would need to be the best gamers as well?

Listening to a discussion about the current medication shortage in Germany. We really dug ourselves into a hole there over the last two decades.

Dinner thoughts for today: chicken breast with pan sauce, ginger stir fried greens and some rice with a bit of chicken stock for flavor. 👨‍🍳🍚🥘🥬🍗

(Image courtesy of MidJourney)

Sigh. I miss timeline syncing. I just scrolled past several days of old posts on my iPhone (again). I guess I should stick to a single device for Micro.blog reading.


wink wink nudge nudge

At Holiday Park with the kids. They have no idea how awesome it is to have a yearly pass and a theme park quite literally four streets over. I was in three maybe four theme parks in my whole youth. That’s like a month in summer for them. 🎢

Ingo Zamperoni did a great job showing the different political views in Italy in this little documentary. (German dubbing only.)

Does anyone have any experience with SmellWell or similar products? Our son is suffering from rather smelly shoes.

Big shock today. Our ten years old didn’t get home from school today. I drove around searching for him. Police was involved. He came home two hours late due to a bus mixup. We are glad he’s safe. But man did I NOT need that adrenaline rush.

At the radiology department getting a thorax scan. The joys of regular checkups.

Man, I am very much not a social person. We have a school celebration today and I couldn’t care less about “talking to people”.

I‘ve stumbled upon a great German cooking channel and have binge watched it for days now. Check it out: Kochen im Tal

Big kids flea market today in Geinsheim. Come around. Have some drinks and some good food, because it is also Kerwe (our local country fair).

Sweating again poolside while our little one learns swimming. The downside of peritoneal dialysis. No pool diving for me. 🤿

I wanted to show my mom what AI generated art is about and asked Midjourney to come up with „a young looking 80 years old woman sitting at a wooden desk drinking coffee“ (had to add the young looking after my mom complained that she doesn’t look old 😁).

Gotta love Midjourney. AI generated art is fun to play with.

This will be us in about 2 hours if all goes well. Barbie movie if anyone is interested. 📽