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Is CG Dull and Boring? Yes! …And NO!

Is CG dull and boring. I asked this question in my last post. Well, since then I have seen a recent production called “Elephants Dream“, it is the first big project released, completely done with open source software, in particular Blender, the open source 3D suite. It shows that Blender is able to produce nice stuff, but it also validates my thoughts concerning dull CG.

First, I didn’t get the story. That might not be my fault, but I was never a fan of these artistic movies. Have something to say? Better make sure people understand, what you are saying. Have nothing to say? Then shut up! But that is just me.

Second, the movie is everything I talked about last time. It tries to look realistic, but fails in doing so. And because it fails, all it’s flaws become all the more obvious. Sad but true. I was distracted by the stiffness of the characters all the time. And I mean not only in motion, but also in the looks. The makers tried to be so true to nature, that everything feels like true…plastic.

###So, is CG doomed to become more boring every day?

Luckily not. While I was very disappointed by the Blender movie, I also found some marvelous examples of animation from some French students (thanks to Peter Soderbaum from Passive/Agressive). These movies saved my day and more. They gave me hope again, that somewhere out there are still creative heads, that try do lift their work out of the ordinary. Go and take a look at Burning Safari, a great funny short film. It has a great story, superb timing and a really nice look, that fits perfectly for the setting.

And while you are there, you should not miss the other movies of this years students of Gobelins l’ecole de l’image. I personally liked the Pirates movie best - even though it is not (plain) CG. But I just love the ending. Check it out -> Pyrats