Alexander Kucera

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To quote Manton Reece:

Many of you remember the earlier days of the web. If you wanted to write on the internet, you created a web site. You could publish essays, post photos, start weblogs. … Today, most writing instead goes into a small number of popular social networking sites. … I believe that even these short-form posts, no matter if they seem unimportant and fleeting at the time, still have an important place in the open web. That’s why I created It focuses on short, recent posts, so I built that idea right into the name.

And since I very much am in favor of owning your content my short posts (or snippets) live on my site now. They get syndicated to Twitter and Facebook, but the original content lives right here on my site. There is a separate RSS feed for it so it doesn’t pollute the main blog feed.