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Foundry VTT self-hosting or using The Forge

My Foundry VTT journey continues. Last Tuesday we had our first session of Lost Mines of Phandelver and I promptly kill our party. It was a bit unbalanced due to only two of four players showing up and them insisting to pretend like the other party members didn’t exist.

But we all still had fun and they instantly proceeded to create new characters.

Also, I’m slowly—or actually rather fast—running out of server space with all the extra modules I’m installing. Uberspace by default gives you 10GB of disk space, most of which is taken up by my wife’s email account. She’s not great at inbox zero…

Anyway, you can book an extra 10GB for €3 a month, which I did. But now I’m also running close to that limit thanks to some modules that require several GB of space. And now I’m pondering where it is worth the extra €6 a month to self-host and the flexibility that brings or if I should buy access to The Forge for about €4,50 a month and safe myself the headache.