After years of online hiatus I have decided to make Micro.Blog my main site. Of course, it is not as simple as it sounds. For example, none of my already existsing posts show on the homepage ( Also I have issues with pointing my domain ( to my page. But I am slowly chipping away at my issues. I am sure I will prevail. Eventually…

Yesterday I came across one of the most German things I have seen in a long time. Apparently there is such a thing as an “Arbeitsschutzgetränk”, which means “worker protection drink”. In essence it is an isotonic drink for workers in high heat work places. But I find it hilarious that we Germans felt the need to come up with a convoluted word for it.

Go ahead. Don’t vote. You don’t want to anyway.

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Drive Act 2 is on Kickstarter! Go get it if you even remotely like science fiction and/or comedy.

Ok. Let’s see. I’ll be trying out posting to directly again for a while. Usually I post to my Kirby blog, but my workflow for that is just a bit convoluted. It might be nice to have a more immediate workflow for a change.

Went to a vascular surgeon today for a checkup. Apparently I have “the veins of a twenty year old”.

I’m at a lack for words. -> Flat Earth

The commercial I did for Kaufland is online. It was a fun two weeks of compositing and grading.

Kaufland Table Vimeo

Good morning Hamburg!

Oh boy! I didn’t expect this. Looks like I’ll be working with Blender in a professional setting for the first time since 2005.

Hamburg here I come again. Two weeks of sunshine (right Hamburg?), shopping, meeting friends…and oh yeah work.

5 - Prepping the vrscene GUI Intro Video

Text: Recording while waiting for 3D scenes to load. Creating an intro video for an application is so not my thing…

Episode 5 Audio

Duration: 3:00

4 - FMX Closing Thoughts

Text: Taking a look back at last week.

Episode 4 Audio

Duration: 3:25

FMX Day 3

Text: Looking back at day 2 of FMX 2018.

Episode 3 Audio

Duration: 2:56

Episode 2 - FMX Day 1

Text: Quick recap of the first day of FMX and outlook of the second day.

Episode 2 Audio

Duration: 4:33


Episode 1

Text: Welcome to my little podcasting experiment. Let’s see how this goes…

Episode 1 Audio

Duration: 0:30

I’ll never understand how people don’t make seat reservations while booking their train ticket

I’m getting to play with the Milo MoCo today. Fun times ahead.

Milo Motion Control

In the office this afternoon. I can’t wait to get the last few (known) bugs of vrscene GUI squashed. Then it’s on to figuring out trial mode and licensing.

Ah…pink eye (iritis)…how I’ve missed you. Not.


Life:0 Me:38 Boom

Finally managed to play 5 Minute Dungeon with Robin and Monika. It was awesome and they loved it as well. Highly recommended

Certifying three 3TB HDDs is testing my patience.